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Dementia Care

At Richard House we offer a home for individuals that are living with dementia. We know that dementia presents itself in different ways, and we are here to help you with taking that next step you need to take for yourself or your loved one. We offer services for people that require residential and nursing dementia.

Our friendly environment provides areas for people to have space to socialise and move around, as we know this is important. We have signage to aid people to find their way. We want people living with dementia to remain as independent as possible, and continue to participate in their daily living skills as much as possible. We tailor activities to each person’s capabilities to ensure that they are able to continue to live full lives.

We understand that making choices is difficult at times, so at mealtimes we are able to show people what options there are so that they can choose what they eat at the point of serving. We also provide physical support at mealtimes with eating, should this be required. We have equipment for mealtimes to enable independence.

Our homes have lovely gardens, as we know how important it is to spend time outside. Our gardens are safe and secure.

Some of our homes have memory boxes outside the bedrooms to assist each person to locate their bedroom. Our environments are also safe and secure.

If you choose to live at a Tanglewood home, we carry out an assessment so that we can understand the support you require, and we will discuss decision making and who is able to do that on behalf of your loved one, if they are lacking in capacity.

Our team receive training in dementia, so they really understand how to recognise and support the person that is living with this. We work very closely with community health professionals to support the individual with any changes in their condition, and how we can continue to support them.

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"My husband has been in Sandpiper for 3 years – its like home from home. It's most welcoming and the care is excellent."

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